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Team Origami: Computer Graphics and Geometry Processing

Coordinator : Nicolas BonneelAssistant coordinator : Florence ZaraTeam presentation document (PDF)
Team dedicated web site

Origami is a team dedicated to computer graphics and widely covers this field of study, and in particular via three main topics : geometry, rendering and simulation. In geometry, we develop algorithms to analyze and create meshes, point clouds, digital surfaces and procedural shapes for virtual worlds. In rendering, we are interested in challenges related to light simulation, sampling, virtual reality and perception. Finally, in simulation, we develop deformation and fluid models, and their discretization.

This team is the fusion of three teams: M2Disco, Ream, Geomod.

Team members

Prénom Nom Statut Employeur Implantation
Mathieu Livebardon IT Engineer Autre Nautibus (Université Lyon1), Blaise Pascal (INSA)
Lorenzo Marnat IT Engineer Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 Nautibus (Université Lyon1), Blaise Pascal (INSA)
Eliott Zimmermann IT Engineer École Centrale de Lyon ENISE
Pierre-Philippe Elst Technician École Centrale de Lyon ENISE
E.g., 19/06/2024
E.g., 19/06/2024

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