The « Laboratoire d’InfoRmatique en Image et Systèmes d’information » (LIRIS) is a joined research unit (UMR 5205) backed by the CNRS, INSA Lyon, University Claude Bernard Lyon, University Lumière and Ecole Centrale de Lyon. It has 330 members. 
LIRIS research addresses a broad spectrum of computer science within its 12 research teams structured in 6 poles of expertise:

-    Data, System and Security (BDDRIMSOC and DM2L teams)
-    Computer Graphics and Geometry (ORIGAMI team)
-    Images, Vision and Learning (IMAGINE team) 
-    Interactions and Cognition (SICALSyCoSMA and TWEAK teams)
-    Algorithms and Combinatorics (GOAL team)
-    Simulation and Life Sciences (SAARA and BEAGLE teams)

The research conducted addresses the challenges of the digital world, including those posed by artificial intelligence (AI), big data analytics, computer vision, cyber security, digital transformation and human learning.

Part of LIRIS’s activities develops know-how and expertise in close collaboration with other scientific disciplines, such as Engineering, Human and Social Sciences, Medicine, Environmental Sciences and Life Sciences.
In addition, LIRIS also attaches great importance to scientific mediation in computer science for the general public. 
Finally, LIRIS addresses the societal challenges of digital sovereignty and sustainable development, mainly through the responsible use of digital technologies and awareness of the carbon impact of daily research activities.
Jean-Marc Petit,