Tracing Learning Interaction Paths As A Guide to Design Lossless Learning

Type de projet : Institutions
Dates du contrat : 2016 - 2018
Équipe(s) : TWEAK
Responsable scientifique LIRIS : Pierre-Antoine Champin
Partenaire(s) : Georgia Tech Professional Education

Description :
Online courses are often structured using a cookie cutter approach and even when it is personalized, it is done based on instructor/instructional designer experience. The aim of this project is to pilot a plugin or software that will trace the path that the student takes during an online course session. The tracked data will be collected and analyzed to investigate student navigation patterns in a course, including how the student peruses the course menu and the content within a module. This will allow the identification of areas within courses that need improvement. The data analysis will be used to make changes in the delivery and design of online courses, particularly making improvements in personalized pathways offered to students at points where engagement is lost.