Prévenir et Remédier aux difficultés à lire et à écrire (amul)

Type de projet : Institutions
Dates du contrat : 2020 - 2022
Équipe(s) : TWEAK
Responsable scientifique LIRIS : Frédérique Laforest
Partenaire(s) : Laboratoire Epsylon, Laboratoire d'Etude des Mécanismes Cognitifs , laboratoire paragraphe

Description :
projet Paris Seine Initiative d'Excellence. Several teaching methods intuitively include the motor skills into learning. This interdisciplinary project aims at studying the contribution of a sensorimotor letter exploration on tactile tablet in order to reduce the reading-writing difficulties with dyslexics in elementary school (remediation) and with younger children at risk of future dyslexia (prevention). Dyslexics would have a deficit on oral-written integration in memory that would be related to difficulties in perception in one of sensory modalities required in written language. With this in mind, a heterogeneity in dyslexia is identified. By means of training devices aiming at the association of audio-visual and motor explorations of letters, behavioral, neuropsychological and neuroimaging studies, show that motor processes contribute to the visual recognition of letters and words in neurotypical children, children in difficulties or in adults. We suppose that the motor exploration of letters would strengthen the audio-visual integration in our target samples. The training would be beneficial especially in dyslexics with deficits in the processing of letters and in the building of the graphophonological connections. This research will be a step towards the submission of an ANR project in which the integration and activation mechanisms of letters on reading and writing will be evaluated in a developmental and embodied cognition approach. The study of the difficulties will also allow to better understanding of neurotypical development. Thus, another originality of this work will be its ambition to link two areas, often dissociated in literature, language and memory.