Anthony Basille

PhD student   (access thesis page)

Team(s) SICAL
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
Blaise Pascal (INSA)
Email anthony.basille at
ThesisAnalysis of engagement and impact of presence in a collaborative serious game (click to view details)

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        •  Lydia Heiden, Biagio Ursi & Anthony Basille (2022). "Building a corpus of collaborative video gaming interactions for studying soft skills: from applied collaborative research to societal impact". 9th European Communication Conference (ECREA), 22 octobre 2022, Aarhus (Denmark). HAL : halshs-03825106.
        •  Anthony Basille, Élise Lavoué & Audrey Serna (2022). "Impact of Viewpoint on Social Presence and Collaborative Processes in a Collaborative Serious Game". Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Computer Supported Education, 24 avril 2022, Prague (Czech Republic), pp. 614-621. doi : 10.5220/0011046400003182. HAL : hal-03607687. .