Thesis of Anthony Basille

Analysis of engagement and impact of presence in a collaborative serious game

Start date: 01/09/2021
End date (estimated): 01/09/2024

Advisor: Elise Lavoué
Coadvisor: Audrey Serna


Soft skills are becoming more and more important in education. Indeed, in many fields, they are highly valued by recruiters, but they are also directly linked to the remuneration, integration or even the satisfaction of young graduates. Developing soft skills is therefore strongly recommended for students. To do so, it is necessary to turn to tools. Various studies on serious games agree that they can be effective tools for developing soft skills. Unfortunately, serious games are often designed without any real reflection on the impact of the modalities proposed to the participants to exchange, whether it is on the perception of the others or the communication skills. The aim of this doctoral research is to study the influence of the feeling of presence on the social behaviors and the commitment of the participants in a collaborative game designed to measure and develop socio-relational capacities (soft skills).