AI empowered general purpose assistive robotiC system for dexterous object manipulation tHrough embodIed teleopeRation and shared cONtrol (CHIRON)

Type de projet : ANR
Dates du contrat : 2021 - 2023
Équipe(s) : Imagine
Responsable scientifique LIRIS : Liming Chen

Description :
Dexterous manipulation of objects is a core task in robotics. Because of the design complexity needed for robot controllers even for simple manipulation tasks, robots currently in use are mostly limited to specific tasks within a known environment. Within the CHIRON project, we aim to develop an AI empowered general purpose robotic system for dexterous manipulation of complex and unknown objects in rapidly changing, dynamic and unpredictable real-world environments. This will be achieved through intuitive embodied robotic teleoperation under optimized shared-control between the human operator enhanced with an intuitive haptic interface and the robot controller empowered with AI-based vision and learning skills. The privileged use case of such a system is assistance for “stick-to-bed” patients or elders with limited physical ability in their daily life object manipulation tasks, e.g., fetching a bottle of water and pouring it into a glass, through an intuitive and embodied robot tele-operated by themself. Such object manipulations would be otherwise not possible for them.