Research on Terrain Texturing & Computer Assisted Animation

Séminaire mensuel du LIRIS par Feng TIAN, Associate Professor, DEC, Bournemouth University

From 03/04/2012 at 10:30 to 12:00. Amphi Gaston Berger, INSA de Lyon, DOUA
Informations contact : S. Servigne et G. Damiand. +33 (0)

The presentation covers two topics on my research. One is on "Feature-Based Probabilistic Texture Blending": The use of linear interpolation to blend different terrain types with distinct features produces translucency artefacts that can detract from the realism of the scene. Our approach addresses the feature-agnosticism of linear blending and makes the distinction between features (bricks, cobble stone, etc.) and non-features (cement, mortar, etc.). The intermittent texture transitions are generated on the fly without the need for artistic intervention. The memory footprint is constant, regardless of texture complexity. The scalability and diversity of our approach can be tailored to a wide range of hardware and can utilize textures of any size and shape. Results and performance analysis will be given during my presentation.
The other is on "Computer Assisted Animation": Traditional animation production is very labor intensive and time consuming. The process of drawing intermediate frames (so called ‘inbetweens’) and coloring each frame can easily take more than 60% of the entire production time. We proposed a computational framework, aiming to automate the process with minimum user's intervention. During the presentation I will talk about our approaches on auto-inbetweening based on disk and ball B-spline and auto-coloring based on master frames.