ICCBR 2012

International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning, 3 - 6 September 2012, Lyon, France

Du 03/09/2012 à 09:00 au 06/09/2012 à 18:00. Campus de la Doua, Lyon, France
URL : http://www.iccbr.org/iccbr12/
Informations contact : Amélie Cordier. amelie.cordier@liris.cnrs.fr.

We invite you to participate in the twentieth International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning (ICCBR), the premier international meeting on research and applications in Case-Based Reasoning (CBR). ICCBR 2012 will be held in Lyon, France, from 3 to 6 September 2012.

The conference series steadily expands the frontiers of CBR as a scientific field. Each conference reflects in keynote addresses on the progress of the field and its connections with related areas, discusses topical problems in a set of workshops, and presents industrial solutions.

The CBR community welcomes new members and encourages you to join it.