Thesis of Romain Guesdon

Human pose estimation using deep learning: application to passengers in autonomous vehicles

Defense date: 16/02/2024

Advisor: Laure Tougne Rodet
Coadvisor: Carlos Crispim-Junior


Research into autonomous cars has made great strides in recent decades, focusing particularly on analysis of the external environment and driving-related tasks. This has led to a significant increase in the autonomy of private vehicles. In this new context, it may be relevant to take an interest in the passengers of these autonomous vehicles, to study their behavior in the face of this revolution in the means of transport. The AURA AutoBehave project has been set up to explore these issues in greater depth. This project brings together several laboratories conducting research in different scientific disciplines linked to this theme, such as computer vision, biomechanics, emotions, and transport economics. This thesis carried out at the LIRIS laboratory is part of this project, in which we focus on methods for estimating the human poses of passengers using deep learning.
We first looked at state-of-the-art solutions and developed both a dataset and a metric better suited to the constraints of our context. We also studied the visibility of the keypoints to help estimate the pose. We then tackled the problem of domain generalisation for pose estimation to propose an efficient solution under unknown conditions. Thus, we focused on the generation of synthetic passenger data for pose estimation. Among other things, we studied the application of generative networks and 3D modeling methods to our problem. We have used this data to propose different training strategies and two new network architectures. The proposed fusion approach associated with the training strategies makes it possible to take advantage of both generic and specific datasets, to improve the generalisation capabilities of pose estimation methods inside a car, particularly on the lower body.

M. Fremont VincentProfesseur(e)École Central NantesRapporteur(e)
M. Bremond FrançoisDirecteur(trice) de rechercheINRIA Sophia AntipolisRapporteur(e)
Mme. Caplier AliceProfesseur(e)Grenoble INPPrésident(e)
M. Marlet RenaudDirecteur(trice) de rechercheÉcole des Ponts ParisTechExaminateur​(trice)
M. Wang XuguangDirecteur(trice) de rechercheUniversité Gustave EiffelExaminateur​(trice)
Mme. Tougne Rodet LaureProfesseur(e)Université Lyon 2Directeur(trice) de thèse
M. Crispim-Junior CarlosMaître de conférenceUniversité Lyon 2Co-encadrant(e)