Thesis of Youri Minne

Study of the impact of educational interactive multimedia contents on learners' attention and engagement

Start date: 15/04/2021
End date (estimated): 15/04/2024

Advisor: Elise Lavoué
Codirection: George Michael


In digital training, learners can be confronted with difficulties in concentrating on the learning task, maintaining their attention over long periods of time, and identifying critical and relevant information among the many distractions, especially when they are autonomous. An important issue is to propose contents, formats or pedagogical tools best adapted to learners in face-to-face or distance learning, in order to keep their attention and maintain their engagement while avoiding dispersion. 

The objective of the thesis will be to identify the educational resources that induce a better attention and a better engagement for the learners. The study of the impact of resources on attention will be done in the laboratory on a limited sample, the results will then be completed by the study of user engagement at a distance via the interaction traces with the tools and training content with a larger sample and in ecological conditions.