Thesis of Wisnu Uriawan

Trustworthiness for Personal Lending on Blockchain


In emerging countries, traditional lenders burden people with high interests and long payback period. Another option for people is to deal with financial institutions, like a bank [1]. However, obtaining a loan is very difficult for many people, who must demonstrate that they are in possession of assets that could be used as collateral [2].

Financial institutions indeed impose some conditions for grading lending, which depend on the expected risk they foresee. High risk will conduct to high conditions and more collateral.


Blockchain proposes a disruptive platform technology to support lending operations [3]. Blockchain ledgers are indeed very good candidates for recording all transactions occurring among the participating entities, which can either be individuals or organizations [4]. Smart contracts indeed provide a very efficient technology to manage the transactions with reliability, security, and scalability [5].


In particular, peer-to-peer (P2P) lending can thus be made possible between individuals in a very simple and reliable way. Several countries like China and United Kingdom, have successfully implemented such a system, which is especially suitable for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and individuals[6].


Advisor: Lionel Brunie
Coadvisor: Youakim Badr, Omar Hasan