Thesis of Carine Edith Toure

Sustainable capitalization of corporate knowledge using activity traces


Capitalization of corporate knowledge consist in saving the whole business expertise that is built during the professional activity.
The analysis of KM approaches shows that the capitalization stage is particularly difficult to achieve in short and long terms. Here are the identified issues: acceptance of the process by employees, sustainable support of capitalization activity, supervision of these support strategies . The objective of this thesis is to design an acceptable and sustainable capitalization method in an industrial context (SCP). Our proposal to address the research question is to take into account future users throughout the design cycle and during the system use. To monitor the practices related to the use of the digital device , we seek first to understand precisely the needs of users by observation and analysis of their activity, then we propose, based on the modeled traces approach, a platform for supervision of the capitalization of corporate knowledge.

Advisor: Jean-Charles Marty
Coadvisor: Christine Michel

Defense date: thursday, october 19, 2017