Thesis of Awa Diattara

Issue of knowledge acquisition for Intelligent Tutoring Systems: towards an authoring tool for the AMBRE project

Defense date: 20/10/2017

Advisor: Nathalie Guin


The ITS (Intelligent Tutoring Systems) research field aims at designing software systems for supporting and customizing learning.
In the context of the AMBRE project, we are interested to Intelligent Tutoring Systems for teaching methods for problem solving. Teaching methods for solving problems consist in teaching students how to think about the problem before starting its resolution.
These environments are built upon models of domain knowledge to be learned, models used to diagnose skills and troubles of learners, and models of pedagogical strategies for adapting teaching to each learner profile. Designing and implementing intelligent tutoring systems is tedious and costly. In addition, the resulting ITS do not necessarily suit expectations of teachers. Designing generic authoring tools allowing teachers (which are not computer experts) to build ITS by themselves would address both the issue of design costs and that of adequacy to teachers fields.
The goal of this thesis is to generalize the knowledge models we use in the project AMBRE in order to develop an authoring tool that allows a teacher to design an AMBRE ITS.