Coordinator: Florence Zara
Members: Sylvie Cazalens, Emmanuel Dellandréa, Iuliia Tkachenko
Mail alias: cell_ecoutes [at] liris.cnrs.fr

A listening cell is made available to any member of LIRIS in order to be able to express themselves on possible issues related to their well-being during their work. This unit aims to offer caring and attentive listening. Its objective will be to put in place solutions to resolve the difficulties put forward which may be of a material or human nature (conflicts, litigation, harassment, difficulty at work, etc.).

Who to contact?

        • Sylvie Cazalens (sylvie.cazalens [at] liris.cnrs.fr, Associate Professor, INSA Lyon, équipe BD, Bât Blaise Pascal, LyonTech Campus de la Doua).

        • Emmanuel Dellandréa (emmanuel.dellandrea [at] ec-lyon.fr, Associate Professor HDR, École Centrale de Lyon, équipe IMAGINE, Bât E6, Écully).

        • Iuliia Tkachenko (iuliia.tkachenko [at] univ-lyon2.fr, Associate Professor, Université Lumière Lyon 2, équipe IMAGINE, Bât C, Campus de Bron).

        • Florence Zara (florence.zara [at] liris.cnrs.fr, Associate Professor HDR, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, équipe Origami, Bât Nautibus, LyonTech Campus de la Doua).