Mathis Baubriaud

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Écully (ECL)
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ThesisAutomated reporting on the progress of a construction site using mixed reality (click to view details)

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        •  Mathis Baubriaud, Stéphane Derrode, R Chalon & K Kernn (2023). "Vers un outil d'inspection temps réel de l'état d'avancement d'un chantier de construction par RA". CORESA (COmpression et REprésentation des Signaux Audiovisuels), 9 juin 2023, Lille (France). HAL : hal-04137473. .

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      •  Mathis Baubriaud (2023). "MEP-SEG DATASET : SYNTHETIC IMAGES GENERATED FROM BUILDING INFORMATION MODELING (BIM)". This dataset has been generated from 3 constructions models, transferred from Autodesk Revit to NVIDIA Isaac Sim. It contains 8751 samples of RGB images associated with the semantic segmentation masks and label files for 13 classes (rectangular_sheath, circular_sheath, pipe, air_vent, fan_coil, stair, wall, floor, pipe_accessory, framework, radiant_panel, climate_engineering_equipment, ceiling, handrail, roof, cable_tray, pole). HAL : hal-04488735.