Thesis of Mohamad Fardon

Cloud Computing and IoT based Cooperative Architecture


The context is the Internet of Things, where the connected objects continuously generate a big amount of heterogeneous data. It is estimated that 50 billion intelligent devices of captors and actuators will be connected to the Internet by 2020 [1]. The Cloud Computing allow extending the IoT applications in a dynamic, ubiquitous and distributed way. Cloud Computing can support the creation of new services using IoT in a big number of scenarios of real life. The objective of this PhD is to propose an architecture of modeling and services communication in a cooperative Cloud-IoT based environment.
One of the challenges to solve concerns the huge heterogeneity of objects, operating systems, platforms and Coud services. The interaction and management of huge amount of objects and heterogeneous data that produce, coming from different localizations, must be correctly treated in the Cloud at different levels and require complex operations to realize in real time. This challenge involves many aspects, especially in term of unified platforms and middleware, interoperable programming interfaces and ways to handling diverse data in real time.
A Cloud Computing and IoT based architecture will be produced to facilitate the management of the data generated by the objects. These objects act as sensors and/or actuators. The knowledge representation in this architecture creates a cooperative environment, aiming at the creation of new services using IoT data and the provision of necessary information for the development and validation of the prototype. The IoT Cloud allows the conception of new services aiming at the integration of information coming from the connected objects.
This PhD thesis is conducted through three steps:
- Analyzing the state-of-the-art, especially analyze the process of interactions of communications, cooperation and synchronization between objects in the IoT and Cloud context.
- Studying a framework of sharing and exchange of data between objects. Especially, it’s about providing mechanism allowing the semantic correlation of data and events coming from the distant resources in order to deduce significant knowledge and to create relevant cloud services assisting users in their actual localization.
- Proposition of a modular architecture of cooperative development system based on the techniques of Cloud Computing and IoT, and tools to implement it. This implementation will be tested and validated during the PhD.

Advisor: Parisa Ghodous
Coadvisor: Catarina Ferreira Da Silva