Thesis of Karine Abbas

contextualised personalisation of access to information based on generic profile management

Defense date: 01/12/2006

Advisor: André Flory


With the considerable increase of information, the heterogeneity of the users needs and roles and the rapid development of the mobile systems, it becomes important to propose a system of personalization able to provide to the user relevant and personalized information. Indeed, all information is certainly not relevant for the same user and all the users are not interested by the same information.
We propose an approach of personalization which takes account the user's needs as well as the contextual situation in order to cover all needs of personalization. This approach makes it possible to reduce considerably the risks of cognitive overload to which the users are exposed through the selection of information which is presented to them. It is mainly founded on three elements: the generic profiles management (containers of information), the context management and the services which allow to implement personalization tasks.