Thesis of Jean-Baptiste Guimbaud

Combine the exposome and domain knowledge for the prediction of health trajectories

Start date: 14/04/2021
End date (estimated): 14/04/2024

Advisor: Rémy Cazabet


n today’s society, the environment and related exposures play an increasingly important role in the health of populations and the development of chronic diseases. This concept, called "exposome", was introduced in 2005.[1]. It is then defined as follows:

"The exposome is composed of every environmental exposure to which an individual is subjected from conception to death. It complements the genome effect."

The exposome includes all the exposures to which a human organism is exposed during its lifetime, whether physical, chemical, behavioural or psychological. The correlation between health and the environment has not always been clearly established, especially with the study of the human genome documenting the genetic predisposition leading to the development of certain diseases. However, genetics is not always able to explain the link between diseases and genome.