Thesis of Antoine Webanck

Procedural generation of atmospheric effects.

Defense date: 20/10/2019

Advisor: Eric Galin
Coadvisor: Eric Guérin


My PhD is part of one area of research of the GEOMOD team : the creation of complex natural scenes. Such a scene is, among other things, composed of a terrain, with mounts and valleys, maybe enriched by human creations like road networks, or houses surrounding water points. But what brings even more diversity to a landscape is a sky. Whether it is stormy, or fiery with burning fluffy clouds enlightened by the last rays of a sunset. It is the topic of my PhD, whose exact subject is: « the procedural generation of atmospheric effects », ie the controllable modelling of the atmospheric phenomena.
Modelling such virtual landscapes will for instance be used to generate the images of future movies and games.