Thesis of Aimene Belfodil

An Order Theoretic Point-of-view on Subgroup Discovery

Defense date: 30/09/2019

Advisor: Céline Robardet
Coadvisor: Mehdi Kaytoue


As the title of this dissertation may suggest, the aim of this thesis is to provide an order-theoretic point of view on the task of subgroup discovery. Subgroup discovery is the automatic task of discovering interesting hypotheses in databases. That is, given a database, the hypothesis space the analyst wants to explore and a formal way of how the analyst gauges the quality of the hypotheses (e.g. a quality measure); the automated task of subgroup discovery aims to extract the interesting hypothesis w.r.t. these parameters. In order to elaborate fast and efficient algorithms for subgroup discovery, one should understand the underlying properties of the hypothesis space on the one hand and the properties of its quality measure on the other. In this thesis, we extend the state-of-the-art by: (i) providing a unified view of the hypotheses space behind subgroup discovery using the well-founded mathematical tool of order theory, (ii) proposing the new hypothesis space of conjunction of linear inequalities in numerical databases and the algorithms enumerating its elements and (iii) proposing an anytime algorithm for discriminative subgroup discovery on numerical datasets providing guarantees upon interruption.

M. Crémilleux BrunoProfesseur(e)Université de CaenRapporteur(e)
M. Ganter BernhardProfesseur(e)Technische Universitaet DresdenRapporteur(e)
Mme. Robardet CélineProfesseur(e)INSA LyonDirecteur(trice) de thèse
M. Kaytoue MehdiMaître de conférenceInfologicCo-directeur (trice)
MMe. Cellier PeggyMaître de conférenceINSA RennesExaminateur​(trice)
M. Couceiro Miguel Professeur(e)Université de LorrainePrésident(e)
M. Siebes ArnoProfesseur(e)Universiteit UtrechtExaminateur​(trice)
M. Kuznetsov Sergei O.Professeur(e)Higher School of Economics (Moscow)Invité(e)
M. Zarka JulienMobile Devices IngenierieInvité(e)