Thesis of Shiwei Li

Human skin characterization and analysis

Defense date: 30/09/2022

Advisor: Mohsen Ardabilian


In this thesis, we propose to investigate a multimodal parameterization strategy of the skin tissue in 2D and 3D, from shape and texture. To characterize by imaging the layers of skin tissue, this work will capitalize on the various advanced in three-dimensional imaging, such as confocal and interferometric microscopy, and hyperspectral imaging of skin tissue. If the first probes the biomechanical properties, the second address the biophysical and structural characteristics.

Indeed, three-dimensional microscopy has experienced in recent years a great change, both in terms of the rapid acquisition of images and information processing. The development of high-resolution devices has expanded scales X, Y, Z analysis of the morphology of biological surfaces, and gives the biologist and the clinician observation tools tissue at different scales. Moreover, hyperspectral imaging has recovered the characteristics of the skin through the analysis of the interaction of light with the skin.

Enhancing our expertise on 3D modeling, analysis, and human skin characterization and analysis, the study and characterization of the chronological process of the human skin would be conducted based on multimodal analysis, classification, and recognition. This approach is valuable in many applications such as computer vision, cosmetics, medicine, photo-aging, etc.