Aggregating and Managing Big rEaltime Data in the Cloud: application to intelligent transport for Smart Cities (AMBED)

Type of project: Région
Contract dates: 2014 - 2017
Équipe(s): SOC
Responsable scientifique LIRIS: Parisa Ghodous
Partenaire(s): Laboratoire d’Informatique de Grenoble

The objective is to propose an approach to provide intelligent integration and aggregation of real-time big data based on cloud computing by: 1) Studying and analysing the problem of real-time streaming big data. It is also intended to master the related concepts, methods, tools and technologies, such as anything-as-a-service and business big data analytics; 2) Adopting a multi cloud-based service oriented approach for collecting, integrating, storing, and intelligently analysing transport data. Continuous data providers (e.g. sensors) as services will be composed to provide value added information with various granularity levels that best suit users’ needs and requirements: civilians, transport providers, local and regional planning authorities, etc. 3) Developing, deploying and validating the proposed approach according to real use case scenarios.