University Lyon 1 & Service Oriented Compting team of LIRIS launche CHAISE ERASMUS + Project to “design Europe’s strategy for blockchain skills”

Although Europe is well-positioned to “lead the global race for blockchain”, a lack of digital skills could hinder this ambition. The new CHAISE project was tasked by the European Commission to develop a new skills development strategy to address the lack of talent in blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) across Europe.

From 18-20 November, the new four-year initiative was officially launched with its first project meeting. CHAISE is not just another European project, as it is mandated by the EC to design the missing European Blockchain Skills Strategy.
Led by Pr. Parisa Ghodous from Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (LIRIS Laboratory), the project’s consortium consists of 23 partners and 5 associations from European and global leaders in blockchain and DLTs, including academic and industry partners and sectoral organisations and communities.
The project will develop a 5-semester VET (qualification) programme in 11 EU languages with an innovative approach: In addition to technical skills specific to blockchain/DLTs, the CHAISE Curriculum will also include non-technical soft skills to respond to the specific needs of modern work environments (problem-solving, team work, and a customer-oriented and entrepreneurial mindset).
In addition, all learning materials developed by the project will be consolidated into an open online course. Finally, CHAISE will also develop the first-ever “blockchain specialist” occupational profile in line with existing competences and qualification frameworks to guarantee a common language for digital skills descriptions.
Stay tuned for more information about the project! We are currently developing its online presence, including website and social media channels.
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