[Awareness-raising on gender equality] She and the infinite

The LIRIS Gender Equality Commission wishes to launch weekly spots on women in science, new masculinities and in general reflections on a new possibility of scientific community. The aim is to raise awareness and to reflect on this theme that affects us.

It involves meetings between mathematicians and teenagers around the play, Elle et l'infini. This action proposes a cultural approach to mathematics and seeks to arouse the pupils' interest in the history of science and contemporary research. Particular attention is paid to the place of women in science.

The impetus for Elle et l'infini came from interviews with Véronique Chauveau. Within the framework of the Femmes et mathématiques association, she met with women mathematicians and asked them what had led them to this profession, what they did in practice and what they would advise young girls attracted to the maths profession. The idea was to show the young people the faces of women mathematicians, and we proposed to give them substance.

Through a collage, we mixed these testimonies with references to the great female figures of mathematics (including Sofia Kovalevskaia, whose story is told in the short story Trop de bonheur by Alice Murno), and sensory experiences described in Du côté des mathématiciennes, published by Femmes et mathématiques.