Thomas Cerqueus

Former LIRIS member since: 2015-12-11

Post-doctoral tenure
Team(s) DRIM
Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon
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        •  Teodora Sandra Buda, Thomas Cerqueus, John Murphy & Morten Kristiansen (2015). "ReX: Extrapolating Relational Data in a Representative Way". 30th British International Conference on Databases, 8 juillet 2015, Édimbourg (United Kingdom). HAL : hal-01207668. .
        •  Thomas Cerqueus, Eduardo Cunha De Almeida & Stefanie Scherzinger (2015). "Safely Managing Data Variety in Big Data Software Development". 1st IEEE/ACM International Workshop on Big Data Software Engineering, 23 mai 2015, Florence (Italy). HAL : hal-01207655. .
        •  Stefanie Scherzinger, Thomas Cerqueus & Eduardo Cunha De Almeida (2015). "ControVol: A Framework for Controlled Schema Evolution in NoSQL Application Development". 31st IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering, 17 avril 2015, Séoul (Korea (South)). HAL : hal-01207650. .
        •  Thomas Cerqueus, Eduardo Cunha De Almeida & Stefanie Scherzinger (2015). "ControVol: Let yesterday’s data catch up with today’s application code". 24th International Conference on World Wide Web, 22 juin 2015, Florence (Italy). HAL : hal-01165221. .
        •  Albin Petit, Thomas Cerqueus, Sonia Ben Mokhtar, Lionel Brunie & Harald Kosch (2015). "PEAS: Private, Efficient and Accurate Web Search". 14th IEEE International Conference on Trust, Security and Privacy in Computing and Communications, 22 août 2015, Helsinki (Finland). HAL : hal-01159179. .