Rafael Ramos Tubino

Teaching Assistant   (access thesis page)

Team(s) DM2L
Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1
Nautibus (Université Lyon1)
Blaise Pascal (INSA)
Email rafael.ramos-tubino at liris.cnrs.fr
ThesisMachine Learning and Network Analysis for Understanding the Nature of Activities in Cryptocurrencies (click to view details)

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        •  Rafael Ramos Tubino, Rémy Cazabet, Natkamon Tovanich & Céline Robardet (2023). "Temporal and Geographical Analysis of Real Economic Activities in the Bitcoin Blockchain". LIMBO@ECML/PKDD 2023: International workshop on LearnIng and Mining for BlOckchains, 18 septembre 2023, Turin (Italy). HAL : hal-04188062. .
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