Devashish Lohani

Former LIRIS member since: 2023-04-07

PhD student
Team(s) Imagine
Université Lumière Lyon 2
ThesisUnsupervised deep learning for spatio-temporal representations of videos: application to video surveillance (click to view details)

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        •  Romain Karpinski, Devashish Lohani & Abdel Belaid (2018). "Metrics for Complete Evaluation of OCR Performance". IPCV'18 - The 22nd Int'l Conf on Image Processing, Computer Vision, & Pattern Recognition, 30 juillet 2018, Las Vegas (United States of America). HAL : hal-01981731. .
        •  Devashish Lohani, Belaïd Abdel & Yolande Belaïd (2018). "An Invoice Reading System using a Graph Convolutional Network". International Workshop on Robust Reading, 2 décembre 2018, PERTH (Australia). HAL : hal-01960846.
    • Others (1)
      •  Marion Poupard, Benjamin De Montgolfier, Vincent Roger, Devashish Lohani & Hervé Glotin (2018). "EthoAcoustics : a model based on t-SNE & Clustering, ap-plied on Pantropical spotted dolphin during Whale Watching". 8th International DCLDE (Detection, Classification, Localization, and Density Estimation) Workshop, 4 juin 2018, Paris (France). Poster. HAL : hal-01873336. .