Thesis of Ozgun Pinarer

Sustainable Declarative Monitoring Architecture: Energy optimisation of interactions between application service oriented queries and wireless sensor devices: Smart Building Applications

Defense date: 15/12/2017

Advisor: Atilla Baskurt
Coadvisor: Sylvie Servigne


Recent researches and analysis reports declare that high energy consumption of buildings is major problem in developed countries. As a result, they show concretely that building energy management systems (BEMS) and deployed wireless sensor network environments are important for energy efficiency of building operations. In the literature, existing smart building management systems focus on energy consumption of the building, hardware deployed inside/outside of the building and network communication issues. They adopt static configurations for wireless sensor devices and proposed models are fitted to a single application. In this study, we propose a sustainable declarative monitoring architecture that focus on the energy optimisation of interactions between application service oriented queries and wireless sensor devices. We consider the monitoring system as a set of applications that exploit sensor measures in real time such as HVAC automation and control systems, real time supervision, security. These applications can be configured dynamically by the users or by the supervisor. In our approach, we take a data point of view: applications are declaratively expressed as a set of continuous queries on the sensor data stream. To achieve our objective of energy aware optimization of the monitoring architecture, we formalize sensor device configuration and fit data acquisition and data transmission to actual applications requirements. We present a complete monitoring architecture and an algorithm that handles dynamic sensor configuration. We introduce a platform that covers physical and also simulated wireless sensor devices.