Thesis of Jonas Lamy

Feature-based interactive segmentation of the hepatic vascular network from 3D MR images


Segmentation of vascular networks from 2D and 3D (bio)medical images has been an active research field during the last 20 years. Indeed, important information can be obtained from vascular morphology, geometry and topology, that can help clinician to carry out diagnosis, plan surgical intervention, follow up patients. In this context, one of the most studied organs is the liver, and the main associated imaging modality has been CT (X-ray Computed Tomography). For a couple of years, dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (DCE MRI) is gaining an increasing role in hepatic vascular network investigation. The purpose of this PhD thesis is to propose new image analysis methods and tools for allowing the clinician end-users to efficiently analyze such data.


Advisor: Bertrand Kerautret