Thesis of Alexandre Bento

Embedded reasoning for the Web of Things

Start date: 01/09/2020
End date (estimated): 01/09/2023

Advisor: Frédérique Laforest
Coadvisor: Lionel Médini


This PhD position is in the context of the CosWot project (“Constrained Semantic Web of Things”), a project funded by the French National Research Agency. CoSWoT will consider semantic web technologies for the Web of things (WoT). The objectives are to propose a distributed WoT-enabled software architecture embedded on constrained devices with two main characteristics: 1) it will use ontologies to declaratively specify the application logic of devices and the semantics of the exchanged messages; 2) it will add reasoning functionalities to devices, so as to distribute processing tasks among them. Doing so, the development of applications including devices of the WoT will be highly simplified: our platform will enable the development and execution of intelligent and decentralised smart WoT applications despite the heterogeneity of devices.

The main objectives of this PhD is to provide contributions to embedded reasoning on the Web of Things.