Pole: Services, Distributed Systems, and Security (3S)

The research topics services, distributed systems and security are receiving today a growing attention to respond to novel scientific challenges raised in last few years by emerging technologies and applications:

  • The generalization of the concept of service needs new tools and methodologies to ensure interoperability,
  • The users' mobility requires applications and services that are pervasive and adaptable to their environments,
  • The openness of systems and services makes trust and security central issues,
  • The emergence of large-scale architectures (cloud, P2P, Web of objects, etc.) requires extending systems with fault tolerance mechanisms and developing new models of information retrieval,
  • The interconnection of data sources across the globe and the emergence of Big Data and Linked Open Data require devising new information retrieval models and raise important concerns about privacy.


Expertise and Skills of the Center

The expertise and the skills of the DRIM and SOC research teams are centered around the development of new models, languages​​, protocols and tools, which address the following scientific challenges:

  • Proliferation, discovery and composition of software and data services deployed over the Internet in certain and uncertain environments.
  • Reliable information sharing and dissemination (ambient social networks, hybrid clouds, opportunistic/ad hoc networks, Web of objects, Open Linked Data, etc.).
  • Content adaptation and personalization, context modeling and mobility for the design, development and implementation of pervasive, ubiquitous and user-centric applications; ambient intelligence.
  • Semantic, interactive and collaborative information retrieval; modeling and representation of complex structured documents.
  • Quality of service, fault tolerance, BAR-Tolerance, selfish behavior.
  • Security, trust, reputation, privacy preservation of personal information and digital identity in open, service-oriented and large-scale environments (cloud computing, P2P, Web of objects).


Application Domains & Expertise in Other Disciplines

The research teams of the 3S center are particularly involved in the following application domains: e-health, enterprise information systems, collaborative information systems, service-oriented applications, digital humanities.


Involved researchers and teams

The 19 permanent researchers: 9 from DRIM team and 10 from SOC team.



  • Information systems → Information systems applications
  • Information systems → World Wide Web
  • Information systems → Information Retrieval
  • Security and privacy → Software and application security
  • Security and privacy → Security Services
  • Applied computing → Enterprise computing
  • Human-centered computing → Ubiquitous and mobile computing
  • Computer systems organization → Distributed architectures