School internships in february 2022

If you are around 15 in a french school looking for an internship in our lab, we have opportunities ! A session is organized between February 7th and February 11th, 2022, just before the winter break. We will host 4 pupils, respecting gender parity whenever possible. We will offer a tour of the various jobs in a computer science research lab through interviews with several members of the lab and practical workshops. To apply, please contact us via email at and detail you motivations for this internship.

The LIRIS is a research lab in Computer Science. Computer Science is a wide topic and we do not cover all of its aspects, but if you are interested in this field, we will be able to meet this interest with images, data processing, combinatorics or artificial intelligence for instance. The lab depends on many different professions. Most of our members perform research activities but teaching is also one of our main occupation. In addition, conducting these activities relies on many other jobs to develop and maintain the softwares we produce through our research activity, organize the mobility and the meetings of our members, handle budgets and the diversity of research fundings, manage our hardware and its maintenance, offer the members a wide range of tools to store and share securely their data, and more.

We offer during these internships a set of interviews with the members of the lab based on half day or day slots. We provide an insight on our activity, but also set the pupils in practical situations to get a feeling of what research is and mobilize their skills.

If you are interested in such an internship, please contact us at We only offer 4 slots for now with gender parity whenever possible but depending on the motivation of both the pupils and our members, the number of slots could be increased.