LIRIS in support epidemiologists to explore new experiments in the fight against COVID-19

The data-oriented expertise of LIRIS (in collecting, assessing quality and visualization) was called upon to support that of epidemiology researchers in order to better structure the existing data on the clinical studies underway in the fight against COVID-19.

The LIRIS processed a dataset gathered by CRESS-UMR1153 (INSERME) and the international network COCHRANE from WHO (World Health Organization) databases. The aim of the dataset is to be made public in order to define new treatment opportunities, new molecules (other than the currently very popular one such as chloroquine), and to compare them with each other, or even to combine them. Initially, LIRIS has proposed visualization methods to identify inconsistencies in the data and to enable their standardization. Suggestions for data improvement and enrichment were then made and will continue to be made in the coming weeks. In a second step, an interactive and visual dashboard was set up to explore the data and identify unexplored treatment opportunities around COVID-19.

The dataset is available online at

Interactive visualizations