The LIRIS laboratory renews its membership to the EdTech Lyon association

The LIRIS laboratory renews its membership in 2021 to the EdTech Lyon association, which brings together a group of companies, field actors and research laboratories, on the issue of digital education.

The objective of EdTech Lyon is to federate all the actors located in the Lyon region or nearby who design, develop, market, prescribe, experiment and/or use EdTech solutions, i.e. technological and/or digital solutions to support lifelong learning.

It brings together 66 members, including 44 edtech companies, 19 field actors (training centers, higher and secondary education institutions, social and economic actors) and several teams of researchers grouped in 3 laboratories, including LIRIS.

The LIRIS laboratory is fully invested in this association since June 2019. The Tweak and SICAL teams have presented their research work during several mornings, which has enabled them to establish collaborations with several companies. In particular, we co-organized on January 12, 2021 with the CRNL laboratory (Centre de Recherche en Neurosciences de Lyon) and Ifé (Institut Français de l'Education) a morning dedicated to the presentation of research work from our laboratories. About 25 participants (company representatives) attended.