Honouring the women of LIRIS: International Women's Rights Day

The Gender Equality Commission celebrates the active role played by our colleagues in our scientific community. To mark 8M, we wanted to honour the women at LIRIS. Our list is not exhaustive, as some have chosen not to be named. However, our community would like to pay tribute to all of them, including those who have chosen to remain anonymous. See the poster https://aequitas.projet.liris.cnrs.fr

An initiative of the socialist movement

It is a fact that "it was in August 1910, at the Second International Conference of Socialist Women in Copenhagen, on the initiative of Clara Zetkin, a German militant, that the decision was taken to celebrate it", adds the historian. The date of 8 March was not given, but the principle was accepted: to mobilise women "in agreement with the class-conscious political and trade union organisations of the proletariat". Women's Day was, therefore, an initiative of the socialist movement and not of the feminist movement, which was very active at the time. It was precisely to counteract the influence of feminist groups on the women of the people that Clara Zetkin proposed this day," explains Françoise Picq. She rejected the alliance with the 'bourgeois feminists'".

Read more at https://lejournal.cnrs.fr/articles/journee-des-femmes-la-veritable-histoire-du-8-mars