HDR of Frédérique Laforest

De l'adaptation à la prise en compte du contexte – Une contribution aux systèmes d'information pervasifs


Mobile terminals are today considered as new components of information systems architectures, the induced new situations of use have conducted to pervasive information systems. The key words of pervasive information systems are context sensibility, smartness, scalability, invisibility and pro-action. All these keywords imply adaptation processes. Sensibility to the context provides information at the root of adaptation. Smartness and invisibility are constraints that must be applied to adaptation. Pro-action aims at foreseeing services and data that will be required ; it is a kind of predictive adaptation.In our works, we have first studied documents as a paradigm for user interaction. We do not restrict documents use for information reading, but extend their interest in three directions : flexible information capture, documents search and documents sharing. Secondly, we have more specifically worked on the adaptative access to information in pervasive information systems. We have first worked on the adaptation of user interfaces to multiple terminals and the personnalization of user interfaces. We have then studied the adaptation in a more global way, by providing a method and a platform for the adaptation of legacy applications on three dimensions : user interfaces, data and services.My HDR dissertation summarizes my research activity on adaptation and pervasive systems done in the last ten years. It covers the works of some PhD students and many master students.

Defense date: monday, december 10, 2007