Machine Learning and Data Mining for Autonomous Mobile Robots

We welcome Professor Einoshin Suzuki from Kyushu University on March 16th. He will be accompanied by 3 students

On 16/03/2011 at 11:30 to 13:00. Salle de réunion du LIRIS (INSA, 3° étage du Bat Blaise Pascal)
Informations contact : Jean-Marc Petit.

Speakers: Einoshin Suzuki, Shouta Nagafuchi, Kouichiro Nishikawa, Emi Matsumoto

Affiliation: Kyushu University, Japan

Abstract: In this talk, we present some of our works, biased toward our side, done under a Japanese-French project on applying machine learning and data mining to the design problem of swarm robot controllers. Recently we have witnessed a remarkable progress both in hardware and software concerning mobile robots that learn and discover. Our applications concern several tasks including patrol, formation control, human avoidance, and discovery, which are accomplished in simulator, closed arena, and office environments. We will briefly introduce 5 kinds of our physical robots and 7 kinds of their applications mostly with short videos, followed by an introduction of 2 works published in IAT 2010 and ANTS 2010. Please note that most of the important achievements will be just explained briefly, as they are either under submission or in preparation for submission.

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