Angela Bonifati

a photo of Angela Bonifati I am a Full Professor in Computer Science at Lyon 1 University (France), within the Liris research lab in the database group (since 2015). Previously, I was with Lille 1 University (France), where I was a member of the CRIStAL research lab and of the Links team at Inria Lille Nord Europe (since 2011).

My current research interests are on the interplay of relational and graph-shaped data paradigms. In particular, I am currently working on schema mapping and data exchange, learning queries and distributed query processing for such data models. My research is supported by the ANR (the French national research agency) under the PRC program 2015 (I am a member of the ANR collaborative project DataCert). I am the Principal Investigator of the CNRS research project MedClean, under the 2016 Mastodons multidisciplinary action on data quality. I am also the recipient of the PALSE Impulsion 2016 Starting Grant from the University of Lyon (IDEX).

My publications can be found here or on DBLP.

Book (published in 2011): Schema Matching and Mapping and its google scholar page (thanks to Erhard Rahm)

Current PhD Students and Postdocs:

Professional Activities (last 5 years):

Responsabilités (in French):

  • Membre du Conseil de la FST (UFR Sciences et Technologies UCBL) depuis 3/2017
  • Responsable du GT Big Data au Laboratoire Liris
  • Membre du Nouveau Cluster Numérique Région Auvergnes-Rhone Alpes depuis 3/2017
  • Membre de la Commission des Thèses (ED InfoMaths Université de Lyon)

You can contact me at one of the following e-mail addresses:



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