DaQuaTa International Workshop 2016

Lyon, France - December, 12-13 , 2016

Data Quality : from Theory to Applications

The workshop is funded by two CNRS Mastodons interdisciplinary research projects on data quality, namely MedClean (coordinator: Angela Bonifati) and QualiSky (coordinators: Lhouari Nourine and Jean-Marc Petit). Such research projects are, respectively, on data quality issues around biological and medical data, on cosmological and astronomic data. Within these two projects, we are being confronted with real data as provided by specialists, and also with data quality expectations that are inherently different from the ones we have seen so far in the database community. 

The goal of the workshop is threefold: gathering together the consortium of the two projects, along with international experts (Ihab Ilyas, University of Waterloo and Jef Wijsen, University of Mons) and the coordinators of other CNRS Mastodons research projects on data quality (Sarah Cohen Boulakia, Sofian Maabout, Amedeo Napoli); to discuss about theoretical and practical aspects of data quality on existing and novel data formats, as inspired by our multidisciplinary actions; to highlight open problems and future research directions on this topic.