Nom Acronyme Type de partenaire Pays Projet(s) concerné(s)
SKILDER SKILDER Industriel France Embodiment in collaborative serious games for soft skills training: impact study on engagement and alignment in gradual multimodal situations
elior Industriel France Efficacité Logistique Urbaine alimentaire Durable
Aidaxis Industriel France Trace Based Systems Platform
Edunao Industriel France LudiMoodle
ASSOCIAZIONE ITALIANA PER L’INFORMATICA E IL CALCOLO AUTOMATICO - AICA Industriel Italie Blockchain skills for ict professionals
Itop Industriel France META EDUCATION
SEB Groupe SEB Industriel France Open Food System
Ubicast Industriel France Spectacle en ligne(s)
LUDOCARE Industriel France Projet JOE
Ignition Factory Industriel France CIFRE Ignition Factory
EXELIA E.E. Industriel Grèce Blockchain skills for ict professionals
IRI Institutionnel France Episteme
Université des Sciences, Ho Chi Minh Ville Institutionnel Vietnam Approach for Genericity in Assistance To complEx tasks
Dokk1–Aarhus Public Libraries Institutionnel Danemark Place and Activity centric Dynamic Library services
IFE Institutionnel France JEN-LAB, Conception de Ressources pour l’Approche-programme : Innover dans l’Enseignement Supérieur , Human Observatory based on analysis of e-learning traces
Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon Institutionnel France Place and Activity centric Dynamic Library services
Groupe d'Analyse et de Théorie en Economie GATE Institutionnel France Institutional Design and Economic Preferences: THeory and experiments