WI 2011 — Research Track: Regular Papers

Paper ID Title
Author Names
Wr203 Opportunistic Information Flows Through Strategic Social Link Establishment
Florian Skopik, Daniel Schall, and Schahram Dustdar
Wr207 Semdrops: A Social Semantic Tagging Approach for Emerging Semantic Data.
Diego Torres, Alicia Diaz, Hala Skaf-Molli, and Pascal Molli
Wr209 What Makes a Phone a Business Phone – Querying Concepts in Product Data
Silviu Homoceanu and Wolf-Tilo Balke
Wr212 Fuzzy Reasoning over RDF Data using OWL Vocabulary
Chang Liu, Guilin Qi, Haofen Wang, and Yong Yu
Wr213 “FAST: Friends Augmented Search Techniques – System Design & Data-Management Issues”
Christian von der Weth and Anwitaman Datta
Wr237 A Multi-agent System Using Ontological User Profiles for Dynamic User Modelling
Ahmad Hawalah and Maria Fasli
Wr240 Pistis: A Privacy-Preserving Content Recommender System for Online Social Communities
Dongsheng Li, Qin Lv, Huanhuan Xia, Li Shang, Tun Lu, and Ning Gu
Wr245 Understanding Crowds’ Migration on the Web
Yong Wang, Komal Pal, and Aleksandar Kuzmanovic
Wr246 Predicting Next Search Actions with Search Engine Query Logs
Kevin Hsin-Yih Lin, Chieh-Jen Wang, and Hsin-Hsi Chen
Wr247 A decentralized and robust approach to estimating a probabilistic mixture model for structuring distributed data
Antoine Pigeau, Ali El Attar, and Marc Gelgon
Wr255 Discovering User Interest on Twitter with a Modified Author-Topic Model
zhiheng xu, liang xiang, and qing yang
Wr266 A Text Similarity Meta-Search Engine Based on Document Fingerprints and Search Results Records
“Felipe Bravo-Marquez, Gaston L’Huillier, Sebastián A. Ríos, and Juan Velásquez”
Wr269 Conceptual Indexing of Documents Using Wikipedia
Carlo Abi Chahine, Nathalie Chaignaud, Jean-Philippe Kotowicz, and Jean-Pierre Pécuchet
Wr274 Wiki-watchdog: Anomaly Detection in Wikipedia Through a Distributional Lens
Chrisil Arackaparambil and Guanhua Yan
Wr275 Extant Ontological Scaling and Descriptive Semantics for Semantic Structure Discovery in Large Graph Datasets
Sinan al-Saffar, Cliff Joslyn, and Alan Chappell
Wr276 Phoneme based representation for Vietnamese Web page classification
Giang-Son Nguyen, Xiaoying Gao, and Peter anfreae
Wr284 Comparison of Model-Based Learning Methods for Feature-Level Opinion Mining
Luole Qi and Li Chen
Wr290 ETree: Effective and Efficient Event Modeling for Real-Time Online Social Media Networks
Hansu Gu, Xing Xie, Qin Lv, Yaoping Ruan, and Li Shang
Wr305 Measuring Comprehensibility of Web Pages Based on Link Analysis
Kouichi Akamatsu, Nimit Pattanasri, Adam Jatowt, and Katsumi Tanaka
Wr307 A Hybrid Multi-Criteria Semantic-enhanced Collaborative Filtering Approach for Personalized Recommendations
Qusai Shambour and Jie Lu
Wr309 Selecting answers to questions from Web documents by a robust validation process
Arnaud Grappy, Brigitte Grau, Mathieu-Henri Falco, Anne-Laure Ligozat, Isabelle Robba, and Anne Vilnat
Wr312 Bipartite Graph based Entity Ranking for Related Entity Finding
Lei Cao, Jiafeng Guo, and Xueqi Cheng
Wr315 Automatic Face Annotation in News Images
Eric Medvet, Alberto Bartoli, Giorgio Davanzo, and Andrea De Lorenzo
Wr319 Web Service Selection with Quantitative and Qualitative User Preferences
Hongbing Wang
Wr322 Alternative Approach to Tree-structured Web Log Representation and Mining
Fedja Hadzic and Michael Hecker
Wr324 A user study to evaluate Aggregated Search
Arlind Kopliku, Karen Pinel-Sauvagnat, and Mohand Boughanem
Wr328 Diversifying Product Review Rankings: Getting the Full Picture
Ralf Krestel and Nima Dokoohaki
Wr332 Empirical Study on Rare Query Characteristics
Ting Yao, Min Zhang, Yiqun Liu, and Shaoping Ma
Wr335 Approaches to Relating and Integrating Semantic Data from Heterogeneous Sources
John Keeney, Aidan Boran, Ivan Bedini, Chris Matheus, and Peter Patel-Schneider
Wr336 Keyword-driven SPARQL Query Generation Leveraging Background Knowledg
Saeedeh Shekarpour, Sören Auer, Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo, Daniel Gerber, Sebastian Hellmann, and Claus Stadler
Wr354 Search Engine Query Clustering using Top-k Search Results
Yuan Hong, Jaideep Vaidya, and Haibing Lu
Wr355 A Peer-to-peer Wiki System Based on the Principles of File-sharing
Alexander Craig, Alan Davoust, and Babak Esfandiari
Wr373 ReDD-Observatory: Using the Web of Data for Evaluating the Research-Disease Disparity
Amrapali Zaveri, Ricardo Pietrobon, Sören Auer, Jens Lehmann, Michael Martin, and Timofey Ermilov
Wr375 Cognitive Resources Aware Service Provisioning
Angel Jimenez-Molina and In-Young Ko
Wr381 Evaluation of a Semi-Automated Semantic Annotation Approach for Bootstrapping the Analysis of Large-scale Web Service Networks
Shahab Mokarizadeh, Peep Küngas, and Mihhail Matskin
Wr433 Clustering-Based Learning Approach for Ant Colony Optimization Model to Simulate Web User Behavior
Pablo Loyola, Pablo Román, and Juan Velásquez
Wr436 Informative Polythetic Hierarchical Ephemeral Clustering
Gaël Dias, Guillaume Cleuziou, and David Machado
Wr443 SemTagP: Semantic Community Detection in Folksonomies
Guillaume Ereteo, Fabien Gandon, and Michel Buffa
Wr445 “Predicting Researchers’ Future Activities using Visualization System for Co-Authorship Networks”
Takeshi Kurosawa and Yasufumi Takama
Wr449 Personalizing Services in the Semantic Web
Freddy Lecue
Wr454 ImpactWheel : Visual Analysis of the Impact of Online News
Wei Wei, Nan Cao, Jon Atle Gulla, and Huamin Qu

WI 2011 — Research Track: Short Papers

Paper ID Title
Author Names
Wr208 Exploring the Community Set Space
Jerry Scripps
Wr215 A new language model combining single and compound terms
Arezki Hammache, Mohand Boughanem, and Rachid Ahmed-Ouamer
Wr222 Improving PGPWeb of Trust through the Expansion of Trusted Neighborhood
Guibing Guo, Jie Zhang, and Julita Vassileva
Wr224 Detecting Intent of Web Query using CQA information
Soungwoong Yoon, Adam Jatowt, and Katsumi Tanaka
Wr225 Detecting and Analyzing Time-unspecified Future-related Information
Kensuke Kanazawa, Adam Jatowt, and Katsumi Tanaka
Wr231 Recognizing Textual Entailment by Generality using Informative Asymmetric Measures to Summarize Ephemeral Clusters
Gaël Dias, Sebastião Pais, Katarzyna Wegrzyn-Wolska, and Robert Mahl
Wr239 Opinion Mining with Sentiment Graph
Qi Zhang, Yuanbin Wu, and Xuanjing Huang
Wr241 Using Web-Mining Approach for Scholar Measurement and Recommendation
Chi-Jen Wu, Cheng-Yu Lu, and Jen-Ming Chung
Wr244 “Read” More from Business Cards: Toward a Smart Social Contact Management System
Bin Guo, Daqing Zhang, and Dingqi Yang
Wr249 Exploiting Additional Dimensions as Virtual Items on Top-N Recommender Systems
Marcos Domingues, Alipio Jorge, and Carlos Soares
Wr252 Semantic heterogeneity measures of unstructured P2P systems
Thomas Cerqueus, Sylvie Cazalens, and Philippe Lamarre
Wr256 Discovering Relevant Topics using DBPedia
Milan Stankovic, Werner Breitfuss, and Philippe Laublet
Wr272 Revealing associations between events and their characteristic items
Shin-ya Sato, Masami Takahashi, Tetsuya Nakamura, and Masato Matsuo
Wr288 Dependency and Entropy Based Impact Analysis for Service-oriented System Evolution
Shuying Wang and Miriam Capretz
Wr301 Web Spam Detection by Exploring Densely Connected Subgraphs
Yutaka Leon-Suematsu, Kentaro Inui, Sadao Kurohashi, and Yutaka Kidawara
Wr308 Harvesting Wikipedia Knowledge to Identify Topics in Ongoing Natural Language Dialogs
Alexa Breuing, Ulli Waltinger, and Ipke Wachsmuth
Wr313 User Profile Data Propagation Management in Multi-application Personalization: Evaluation on a Real-life Search Query Log
Marco Viviani, Lyes Limam, Nadia Bennani, David Coquil, and Elöd EGYED-ZSIGMOND
Wr339 A Twofold-LDA for Customer Review Analysis
Nicola Burns, Yaxin Bi, Hui Wang, and Terry Anderson
Wr347 Wikipedia Sets: Context-oriented Related Entity Acquisition from Multiple Words
Masumi Shirakawa, Kotaro Nakayama, Takahiro Hara, and Shojiro Nishio
Wr351 Web Data Extraction Using Frequent Subtree Mining
Yi SHAO and Peng XU
Wr352 Summarization meets Visualization on Large-scale Online Social Networks
Hans-Henning Gabriel, Emmanouela Stachtiari, Myra Spiliopoulou, and Athina Vakali
Wr363 Clustering and Visualizing Geographic Data Using Geo-tree
Che-An Lu, Chin-Hui Chen, and Pu-Jen Cheng
Wr366 Fresh Minute-maid Web Wrappers
Mirko Bronzi, Valter Crescenzi, Paolo Merialdo, and Paolo Papotti
Wr383 Combining the Best of Two Worlds: NLP and IR for Intranet Search
Suma Adindla and Udo Kruschwitz
Wr388 Applying Multicriteria Algorithms to Restaurant Recommendation
Fernando Sánchez-Vilas, Eduardo Sánchez, Fabián P. Lousame, and Manuel Lama
Wr389 Contrastive Reasoning with Inconsistent Ontologies
Jun Fang, Zhisheng Huang, and Frank van Harmelen
Wr395 Meerkat – A Dynamic Privacy Framework for Web Services
Salah-Eddine Tbahriti, Brahim Medjahed, Zaki Malik, Chirine Ghedira, and Michael Mrissa
Wr396 With a Little Help From My Friends: Generating Personalized Book Recommendations Using Data Extracted from a Social Website
Maria Soledad Pera and Yiu-Kai Ng
Wr403 Dynamically Modeling Semantic Dependencies in Web Forum Threads
Zhaochun Ren, Jun Ma, and Gang Wang
Wr405 From Disambiguation Failures to Common-Sense Knowledge Acquisition: A Day in the Life of an Ontological Semantic System
Julia M. Taylor, Victor Raskin, and Christian F. Hempelmann
Wr409 Interweaving Trend and User Modeling for Personalized News Recommendations
Qi Gao, Fabian Abel, Geert-Jan Houben, and Ke Tao
Wr416 Twitter Informatics: Tracking and Understanding Public Reaction during the 2009 Swine Flu Pandemic
Martin Szomszor, Patty Kostkova, and Connie St Louis
Wr424 Simple and Efficient Classification Scheme Based on Specific Vocabulary
Jacques Savoy and Olena Zubaryeva
Wr455 The Web as a source of evidence for classifying candidate answers to natural language questions
Bonnefoy Ludovic, Patrice Bellot, and Michel Benoit
Wr461 Web Information Retrieval using Particle Swarm Optimization based Approaches
Habiba Drias
Wr463 Expertise Prediction for Social Network Platforms to Encourage Knowledge Sharing
Nidhi Raj, Lipika Dey, and Bhakti Gaonkar
Wr464 Comparisons Instead of Ratings: Towards More Stable Preferences
Nicolas Jones, Armelle Brun, and Anne Boyer