IAT Invited Speakers

Catholijn M. Jonker (TU Delft, Netherlands)
Development and application of rich cognitive models and the role of agent-based simulation for policy making , (abstract)

Munindar Singh (North Carolina State University, USA)
Governing Sociotechnical Systems , (abstract, slides)

WI Invited Speakers

Hassan Ait-Kaci (IBM, Canada)
A Sorted-Graph Unification Approach to the Semantic Web , (abstract, slides)

Francesco Bonchi (Yahoo! Research, Spain)
Influence Propagation in Social Networks: a Data Mining Perspective , (abstract, slides)

WIC Invited Speaker

Jimmy Huang (York University, Canada)
Search beyond Traditional Probabilistic Information Retrieval , (abstract, slides)

Herbert Simon Memoriam

Yuichiro Anzai (Keio University, Japan)
From Information Agent to Social Agents: In Memory of Herbert Simon , (abstract, slides)