I have moved! I am still an associate professor, but a more northern one than before. Since september 2015, I teach computer science at INSA Centre-Val de Loire in Blois. I should definitively join the Laboratoire d'Informatique of Tours soon.

From 2009 to 2015, I was an associate professor in Lyon. I was teaching in the computer science department of Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 and doing research in the LIRIS (Laboratoire d'InfoRmatique en Image et Systèmes d'information, which you would translate by Computer Science Laboratory in Imaging and Information Systems), in the Imagine team.


2016-03-08: Open PhD position in Lyon, funded by ANR DeepVision:
Deep Learning for Understanding Humans: gestures, pose, activities,
supervised with Christian Wolf
2015-09-22: I have moved! This page should move shortly...
2015-05-18: Code page updated. The C++ source code of the combination of piecewise-geodesic paths is available on GitHub
2014-09-16: IJCV 2014 paper added into the publications list.
2014-07-22: The extended version of the BMVC 2013 paper, on combination of piecewise geodesic curves, has been accepted for publication in IJCV!
2014-02-28: Time for a new look! My old and ugly webpage has gone...
2013-11-27: Code page updated. Stopping criterion added into the evolution algorithm of the narrow band active contour, to automatically detect convergence. Committed on the SVN
2013-08-19: BMVC 2013 paper added into the publications list.
2013-05-31: Code page updated. A few minor bugs corrected and functions added. Commited on the SVN
2012-10-15: Code page updated. The latest release of the narrow band active contour may be downloaded via SVN
2012-01-12: VISAPP 2012 paper added into the publications list.
2011-12-05: Research page updated.
2011-07-22: BMVC 2011 paper added into the publications list.
2011-05-20: ICIP 2011 paper added into the publications list.
2011-02-04: Code page updated. The narrow band active contour code now works with the latest releases of libjpeg, libpng and zlib
2010-11-15: Code page added. The C++ sources of the narrow band region-based active contour model are available for download.