Procedural Modeling of Realistic Worlds

Eric Galin

Laboratoire LIRIS
Institut de la Communication
Université Lumière Lyon 2, France
Phone: (33) 4 72 71 60 74


My research interests currently focus on modeling and generating realistic virtual worlds with a very high level of detail.


Our team has developped several libraries and applications for testing our algorithms. Major applications include:

The Core library groups several fundamental classes related to mathematics and geometry.

The BlobTree framework is a complete implementation of the BlobTree model. It implements the many features that have been published from 1996 to 2004.

The Maya library is a complete framework for manipulating complex models created from procedural content techniques. In provides a simple representation for meshes and can be used as an interface between applications and the OpenGL library. Image

Arches is a complete framework for authoring complex terrains. A terrain is defined as a two dimensional grid of material stacks. A material stack is defined as an array of material layers that are characterized by their thickness and the corresponding material type. Our framework currently handles air, water, snow, sand, bedrock, and rocks. Overhangs, arches and caves can be easily created by inserting an air layer between two bedrock layers.

Active projects

MANGO Project

Compétitivité (2012-2014)

ImageOn the 20th of December 2012, the GEOMOD team of LIRIS has signed a partnership in the context of the Mango project. This research and development project aims at creating a new framework for developing video games.


Région Rhône Alpes (2012-2014)

Gamagora an our research team participated to the Région Rhône Alpes project ROBOT POPULI. This project aimed at designing original games for robots and experimenting new interfaces.

Call for students 2013

We are looking for one very good first (M1) and second year (M2) Masters students who would like to work on the procedural generation of virtual worlds terrains, possibly in collaboration with the University of Purdue (USA). Please have a look at the project page and contact me as soon as june 2013.