Procedural Modeling of Realistic Worlds

Eric Galin

Laboratoire LIRIS
Institut de la Communication
Université Lumière Lyon 2, France
Phone: (33) 4 72 71 60 74


First class professor achievement.


Full professor position (computer graphics) Université Lumière Lyon 2.


Habilitation à diriger la Recherche : Modeling Complex Shapes.


Assitant professor position (computer graphics), Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1


PhD Thesis in computer science, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 : Metamorphosing and Rendering Soft Objects


Computer engineering degree award at Ecole Centrale de Lyon (computer science)


ANR CONTINT (2007-2010)

ImageI participated to the ANR project DNA (Details in NAtural scenes) that aims at creating complex realistic natural scenes with a high level of detail by taking into account the life cycle of plants and the influence of fallen leaves, lichens, small stones and rocks, branches, mushrooms.

GENAC 2 Project

Pôle de Compétitivité Imaginove (2007-2009)

ImageI participated to the project GENAC 2 (automatic GENeneration of procedurAl Content) supported by Pôle de Compétitivité Imaginove of Rhône Alpes region which aims at designing procedural techniques for generating natural sceneries with a high level of details for Next Generation Computer Games.

DEREVE Project

Région Rhône Alpes (2001-2003) and (2004-2006)

ImageI particpat'ed to the Région Rhône Alpes project DEREVE, which aimed at designing real time algorithms for modeling and visualizing virtual worlds. We participated in developing automatic techniques for simulating lichen growth and for creating cracks and fractures on a variety of objects with a view to obtaining weathered and more realistic objects.

Short CV

Eric Galin is Professor of Computer Science at the University Lumière Lyon 2, France. He received an engeneering degree from Ecole Centrale de Lyon in 1993 and a PhD in Computer Science from Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 in 1997. He is responsible for Gamagora, a high level education program combining Level Design, Graphics Design and Computer Game Programming tracks. This educational program benefits from the synergy of industry veterans, CNRS researchers and the sponsorship of the Pôle de Compétitivité Imaginove (Région Rhône Alpes).

His research interests include procedural modeling of virtual worlds, simulating natural phenomena and modeling with implicit surfaces. In collaboration with Brian Wyvill, his research in implicit surface modeling came to the development of a hierarchical modeling system (the Hybrid Tree) which combines implicit surfaces and triangle meshes in a coherent and unified system. In the last eight years, work has centred around procedural modeling of virtual worlds and the Arches modeling system. This framework is a vehicle for experimenting with new modeling and procedural generation methods.

Eric Galin was the organizer and co-chair of the Eurographics Workshop on Natural Phenomena (Dublin 2005, Vienna 2006, Prague 2007, Munich 2009) and Shape Modeling International (Lyon 2007). He served in several program committees of Eurographics, Pacific Graphics and Shape Modeling International. He is been the secretary of the French Chapter of Eurographics in 2003-2005, president in 2006-2009 and secretary again since 2010.

Teaching Computer Graphics
Real Time Rendering (Licence 2000-2004, Licence 2006-2008, Ecole Centrale de Lyon 2004-2013)
Fundamentals of Computer Graphics (Master 2000-2004, 2006-2013)
Modeling and Simulating Natural Phenomena (Master 2007-2013)
Video Game Design (Master 2008-2013)

Algorithms and data structures
Algorithms and data structures, Object oriented programming (M2 CCI Réseaux Apprentissage 2000-2004, M2 CCI 2006-2008)

Administration Head of Gamagora, a specific video game education program at the University of Lyon (2008-2013)
Responsible for the Master IGI (Computer Graphics) (2007-2008), and for the Master CCI Réseaux Apprentissage (2000-2004)
Commission de spécialistes en 27ème section
Titulaire à l'Ecole Centrale de Lyon en 2004-2008 (suppléant en 2002-2003)
Titulaire l' Université Claude Bernard - Lyon 1 (2002-2008)

President of the French Chapter of Eurographics (2005-2009), member of the committee of Association Française d'Informatique Graphique (2004-2008)