• MANGO Project

    The GEOMOD team of LIRIS has signed a partnership in the context of the MANGO project. This research and development project aims at creating a new framework for developing video games. The research program encompasses procedural generation of terrains with a high level of details, modeling road networks and generating villages for open-world games.

    We successfully developed methods for generating road networks and villages which were adapted and implemented by UBISOFT for the game Ghost Recon Wildlands which was released in spring 2017 and made it to the top in the video game charts.


Eric Galin is Professor of Computer Science at the University Lumière Lyon 1, France. He received an engeneering degree from Ecole Centrale de Lyon in 1993 and a PhD in Computer Science from Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 in 1997. He is responsible for Gamagora, a high level education program combining Level Design, Graphics Design and Computer Game Programming tracks. This educational program benefits from the synergy of industry veterans, CNRS researchers and the sponsorship of the Pôle de Compétitivité Imaginove (Région Rhône Alpes).

His research interests include procedural modeling of virtual worlds, simulating natural phenomena and modeling with implicit surfaces. In collaboration with Brian Wyvill, his research in implicit surface modeling came to the development of a hierarchical modeling system (the Hybrid Tree) which combines implicit surfaces and triangle meshes in a coherent and unified system. In the last eight years, work has centred around procedural modeling of virtual worlds and the Arches modeling system. This framework is a vehicle for experimenting with new modeling and procedural generation methods.

Eric Galin was the organizer and co-chair of the Eurographics Workshop on Natural Phenomena (Dublin 2005, Vienna 2006, Prague 2007, Munich 2009) and Shape Modeling International (Lyon 2007). He served in several program committees of Eurographics, Pacific Graphics and Shape Modeling International. He is been the secretary of the French Chapter of Eurographics in 2003-2005, president in 2006-2009 and secretary again since 2010.