Procedural Modeling of Realistic Worlds

Eric Galin

Laboratoire LIRIS
Institut de la Communication
Université Lumière Lyon 2, France
Phone: (33) 4 72 71 60 74

Research activities

The aim of my research encompasses procedural modeling and generation of complex natural objects, simulating ecosystems and natural phenomena such as aging and weathering. Applications include generating landscapes, modeling plants and simulating their growth within complex ecosystems, simulating cracks and fractures, modeling large scenes with many details.


Since september 2008, I am at the head of Gamagora, a specific video game education program at the University of Lyon.


Gamagora first opened its doors in September 2007 and today, we offer both a Master's degree in Computer Game Programming and two undergraduate professional certificates in Level Design and Graphics Design and Artwork. This educational program benefits from the synergy of industry veterans, CNRS researchers and the sponsorship of the Pôle de Compétitivité Imaginove (Région Rhône Alpes).

Teaching activities

I am teaching several computer graphics courses: Fundamentals of Computer Graphics (Lyon 1, Masters), Procedural Modeling and Simulation (Gamagora - Masters and Ecole Centrale de Lyon), Computer Game Programming (Lyon 2, Masters level).

Call for students 2013

We are looking for one very good first (M1) and second year (M2) Masters students who would like to work on the procedural generation of virtual worlds terrains, possibly in collaboration with the University of Purdue (USA). Please contact me as soon as june 2013.