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Welcome to our homepage

The Service Oriented Computing (SOC) team is part of the LIRIS Lab. CNRS research unit UMR 5205.
You can access our official webpage on the LIRIS website.

General objectives

Service Computing is an emergent paradigm that aims at leveraging IT services and computing technology to perform distributed business applications within and across organizational boundaries. Web services are independent-platform software components that can be described, published, discovered and triggered to provide a specific functionality.

The objectives of the SOC research team are twofold:

  1. devise models and techniques to enable Web services management, discovery, composition and interoperability;
  2. build and develop SOA-based approaches for e-applications such as medical information systems, collaborative systems, data sharing applications, and so on.

You can access our demo platform at http://soc.univ-lyon1.fr/

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