M2Disco: Geometry Processing and Constrained Optimization

The M2Disco team aims at producing algorithms for geometric and topological analysis and processing of discrete and combinatorial data: 3D meshes, combinatorial maps, graphs and regular grids. The team is also interested in combinatorial optimization, particularly constrained optimization and optimal transport.

We develop contributions into the following areas:

  • 3D mesh processing: Remeshing, parameterization, segmentation, compression, watermarking and topological modeling.
  • Digital geometry: Geometrical and topological analysis of 2D and 3D images, differential estimators, computational geometry, volumetric analysis, sampling.
  • 3D shape perception: Visual quality metrics, just-noticeable difference models.
  • Combinatorial optimization/Constrained optimization: Stochastic and time-dependent optimization, tree decomposition of optimization problems, graph-partitioning, optimal transport and its inverse problems.
  • Image and Video analysis.